So I Mentioned Video Games

If you are curious as to why it took me six days to write to you lovely people I would love to explain, but first I would like to dive into my love for peanut butter. Yes, I am an odd ball; that isn’t known yet? I had to stop purchasing it, literally; instinctive reactions to dip veggies in peanut butter amounted. I have discipline, oh I have discipline! With peanut butter? Not a chance. This is where you guys to get to have a good laugh, truly, as this has become an actual addiction and I’ve had long discussions with friends and family members about my ‘midnight snack’. Personal favorite is broccoli and just dipping in the flowery part, though celery and cauliflower go head to head directly after. Carrots are a close third, with spinach racing up for fourth. I may have made a technique called the ‘spinach technique’ the jar must be three quarters empty and I had to have had a decently active day… With the last quarter jar I put three nice sized grabs of spinach into the jar and stir it up like crazy with a large fork; then I dig in till the jar is squeaky clean. LAUGH IT UP! Even I find it hilarious, it’s quite unique and when I share this with people some peoples faces droop, others eyes get wider, and sometimes we all just laugh. Now that that is out of my system, I’d like to share with you all why I waited my six days, I HAVE BEEN ADDICTED!

Has anyone heard of a video game called Tibia? Well this game has taken up an enormous amount of my time, I haven’t left my house much and it’s due to my desire to ‘slay noobs’. ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! In this game I have a bot, it basically levels me up and plays for me when I eat my peanut butter and broccoli; and I just dusted another vampire. The thing didn’t drop a Vampire Shield, can you believe that? That was at least my thirtieth vampire slain.

This is basically what has been taking up all my time, besides building a couple websites, well working on. I’ve begun using a new drag and drop platform called Wix. It’s not to bad but I personally like to use Weebly. Though like I mentioned here, Weebly is quite limited, like one thing for instance, I can’t change the bolding on my menu font! This is what truly drives me bonkers, freaking geeking bonkers.

Tibia, Tibia, Tibia, Tibia, oh how it makes me laugh and giggle. The game is 2D, how funny is that? Though it is so addicting and so satisfying, we all know life is short and time shouldn’t always be what some would call ‘wasted’ but as far as having fun goes I think that is what truly matters. You could be playing golf, you could be reading a book, you could be designing a website, or you could be dipping vegetables in peanut butter; are you having fun? That is what matters!

A few morning mantras for you beautiful people:

  • Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time
  • Be Kind, To Everyone
  • Listen, When They Are Shouting, Be Patient And Just Hear Them Out, Then Respond Intelligently
  • Go To The Store, Buy Only 100% Peanut Butter
On Bread Too, Oh Yeah!

On Bread Too, Oh Yeah!

Just looking at this makes me hungry


I don’t think they toasted their bread long enough, I like mine golden brown like a pancake made by my momma. I’m almost here guys, I am so darn close! I mentioned Tibia a bunch so I have to say, there is this huge quest that you can do when you reach level 100 and I am almost there! I cannot wait to reach those doors!

I’ll leave you all with this intense video of the Annihilator! Just wait till I complete this, I am going to be pumped! It is an extremely challenging quest and that armor you see in the top right corner is called ‘Demon Armor’, the stuff is like gold! I will someday wear that armor and boast about it to my fellow players (in the most humble way possible but still let them know I busted my butt to get it). I could honesty write for hours about this game, it’s just what has my attention I guess, I love to laugh and this game is hilarious!



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