My Experience With Relationships

I was off playing my game Tibia – read my post: So I Mentioned Video Games if you’re wondering what that is. I came across someone that lives in my hometown, and realized how much I miss it. So much is changing so fast, I guess this is just how life goes but man does time fly. I feel like the older you get the faster time goes.Two of my best friends from my hometown recently gave birth to a baby boy. He is absolutely freaking adorable; his name is Maverick.


Isn’t he amazing?!? He’s my god son actually 🙂

These 2 are doing absolutely incredible for themselves. Their names are Steph and Taylor. They own a company called: A Touch Of Glass Window Cleaning, they have a baby, 3 dogs, 3 cats and a fish. The fish is the most sane out of all of them…

This family is very happy. Honestly I was under the impression that you should never do anything serious like have children in your 20’s, as you still have lots to figure out and shouldn’t jump into something like that. I’ve been proven wrong, these 2 show me that you can get real serious with someone when you know it’s right; you just have to be smart about it.

Now I’m not saying I’m going to go jump into a relationship and marry my partner, I’m just a little more open to the idea after seeing these 2 successfully create a family at the age of 23 and 22. Having said that; they’re part of the 0.1% of people that actually seems to work out for. I’ve seen too many other relationships blow up in their face, which kind of steers me away from the idea of committing to anything.

I’m happy by myself! I can eat weird things; like peanut butter and broccoli. I can choose when I want to be around people, I can post on my blog, and I can also blast Taylor Swift and dance around without being judged. I don’t think things could be any better for me really. This is just preference though, I encourage anyone out there to go with their gut feeling when it comes to a relationship, and if you believe it’s right then don’t let societies pressure hold you back from what you want. Society is way too scripted nowadays anyway… Just do what you love.


This is what I looked like for about 3 months after my last relationship. As I said, usually things don’t work out so beautifully like Steph and Taylor did; often when you invest too much too early it blows up in your face, and leaves both parties sour. Sorry to jump to the negative, but talking about relationships only makes me think about my most recent one; which didn’t end too well…

A Summary For This Post; Which I Would Call My Opinion, Not Necessarily Fact 

Do what makes you feel good. Not every relationship is going to end well; some will start off rocky and and beautifully, some will do the exact opposite. Jumping into a relationship is putting yourself at risk for heartache. At the same time it is giving yourself a chance to be ecstatic for the rest of your life. It all depends on you and the other party, anything can happen. Use your judgement and don’t be afraid of tough times. I’m perfect happy being single. Some people cannot be alone whether they’re miserable or not, some cannot commit, you never know; everyone is completely unique.

Hope everyone has a good evening! Thanks for reading my post 🙂


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