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video-gamesI’ve heavily emphasized the fact that here in 2016, technology can be leveraged to the extreme; it can help you generate an income, you can find your friends that you haven’t seen in 20 years on Facebook, and you can also find any source of information possible just by typing a word into Google…

Don’t be fooled by everything you read on the internet however, as there is lots of false information; lots of controversy is created from false information on the internet. People will argue about anything nowadays; they’ll argue about vaccination, about world war, about facial hair, anything. Whatever facts are able to be twisted in some way, shape or form end up getting butchered by somebody. All I’m saying is watch what your source is, and don’t believe everything you read, especially from the internet.

What Is My Favorite Thing About Technology? 

Well, I’ve managed to create a virtual life for myself. I have 2 lives; one is Angela Davis in her little suite, focusing on personal development and eating healthy (Yes, I eat about 80% vegetables, 10% protein, 5% cereal and 5% peanut butter,) I feel so good all the time because of this guys, if you haven’t tried it I strongly advise giving it a go. The other Angela Davis is in the virtual world. Website builder, blogger, and high level with lots of power in Tibia, if you read my post: “So I Mentioned Video Games” you know that I’m heavily addicted to this silly 2D game from the 90’s; which by the way I’ve been just rocking lately. I completed 2 quests I never imagined myself beating, made about 200k in gold this week and ‘pked’ (player killed) one of my strongest competitors last night.

What do I love about technology the most? The fact that I can go down 2 different paths in life, at once! If I’m not interested in my real life today, I can sit on this computer all day long. To other people they look at me and go: “All she does is stare at a screen, she has no life.” Well I do actually, you just don’t understand 😉 and that’s okay.

Don’t Feel Bad… 

Don’t get me wrong; I definitely don’t want to see you guys reading this and then heading straight to your video games and never coming out of your shell. I do believe however if that’s your thing, don’t feel bad about what you enjoy. There’s so many haters nowadays and we have to learn to let it go and let them go be haters on their own, without getting a rise out of you. Instead maybe direct your hobbies to coincide with productivity. As I mentioned in this last post, we have the ability to establish an income through the internet now. You can even make money by playing tibia; selling gold and characters. You can really do anything in 2016 so I want to encourage everyone to keep being you, and don’t let your inner geek go to waste.

Just a short little rant for you guys today, I actually have a lot of work to do today so I gotta go. I’m going to post a link to tibia’s homepage just in case the game interests any of you or not. It’s kind of like runescape, only I like it better cause it’s not as well known. Hope to see you all on there! I’m in a world called Amera and my name is Faithandgeek.


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