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sunriseHow’s everyone doing on this fine Tuesday morning? I know it’s probably not morning for everyone who reads this, but that’s what it is for me. 6 am and I’m ready to go. I’ve been super excited lately, as always. You know how I was talking about Champions Of Norrath? Well I talked a few of my friends into playing it with me, a few of my friends from my hometown that never play video games. We’ve been doing that a decent amount this week so that’s cool, I’ve pretty much spent the rest of my time eating, working out, and building websites. Things in my life have been going excellent all in all and I’m pretty darn happy about it. I guess I never talked about travelling hey? I don’t really come on the internet to share those stories, but yeah, I’ve been travelling for quite some time. I did spend the first bit in somewhat of a depression just because I was so homesick, but lately I’ve been able to reconnect with my friends from home because I decided to reach out to them over Facebook, and it’s been excellent. Makes me feel ALIVE again, not that I didn’t before, it’s just that much sweeter.

Oh how I love you, Victoria BC


I really do miss it. My friends playing Champions with me are actually from there, and the online feature makes it possible to play together. 


I actually created this post because I wanted to share one of my websites with you guys, it’s probably one of my proudest pieces of art yet. I’m working on another one right now as well, that I’m not ready to show. I may share it with you guys another day though once it’s all said and done. This website took me 4 months, and I did it for a close friend who is now ACTUALLY getting new customers from it! Such an amazing feeling. 

His company is called Larix Landscape, click here to visit the website I built for him.

Please do let me know what you think, I do honestly have to say I didn’t just do it for the paycheck. As you can see, I did put a lot of time and effort into it, and it’s quite visually appealing as a result. This is what you get from hard work ladies and gentlemen; happy friends and a warm and fuzzy feeling.

What do you guys think I should do next? Should I put more work into this blog? What do ya think? let me know here. I do really enjoy building a website for a business, as I feel like it’s actually doing some real physical good for someone. Having said that, coming on here and just ranting, being myself does truly bring me inner happiness. I do want to thank you guys for reading what I have to say, and I would like to hear more from you!

I’m off for breakfast, going down to my local restaurant that I live about 1 minute away from. I’m going to bring my laptop, have a coffee and some food, chat with the servers and maybe get myself a haircut.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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