Faith And Geekery

I would like to warmly welcome you to what will become the best source of geekery information out there. I’m Angela Davis, my goal is to create a foundation of comic book and video game faith-and-geekeryanalytics, latest updates in technology, information on different kinds of software, and last but not least; a place where all those EB games loving nerds out there like me feel at home.

The inner geek within you has been waiting to come out, and you’ve been looking for the wheels and fuel to get you there. Look no further! Faith and geekery is exactly that. Chances are if you stumbled across this blog, you’re either just exploring this side of you, or you’re deep into your geek life and have lots to share with the world. I like both of those people, anyone that has to do with anything ‘geek’ like is absolutely welcome. Others are welcome too of course, but geek is the topic. One of my goals with this blog is to help people determine; what kind of geek you are, and direct you geeks to the place that you belong. Being a geek/nerd is easy, we just feel like we’re different from the rest of society. I’m hoping as this blog grows I will help more and more people feel like they’re doing something right and that their hobbies are actually amazing.

I would also like to mention I am a website designer. So if you own a business, or you’re just looking for a 2-geeksweb presence visit my contact me page, and I will either build you a Weebly website or a WordPress blog, or I will happily show you how to do it yourself, because it’s really not that hard.

I just wanted to get the blog started and welcome you guys. Make sure you keep following if you like the things you’ve read! Let us unleash the inner geek!

Written by Angela Davis