Use Your Natural Inner Geek To Make Money

key-to-successAlright my fellow geeks, I have some thoughts I need to spew that I feel may be very fitting for a lot of you, and hopefully I can change some peoples perspective. I know that a lot of us are introverted and stuck in our shells on some level, so I’d like to share a little bit of wisdom that I’ve obtained through personal experience and observing my peers.

I have 4 days left at my day job. Designing websites is a recent hobby of mine that is actually pulling in enough money for me to get by. I am a minimalist and I’m perfectly happy making what I make from website design, and spending the rest of my time geeking out (doing what I want). I believe that technology is the future and I don’t think the path I’m headed down is too shabby…

In all honesty, I think people need to open their eyes and see the opportunities that are out there for what they are. 99% of people are out there spending most of their time working 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday, living paycheck to paycheck just to get by. Their time is being bought by the 1% that have done a little bit of ground work and realized that it’s totally feasible to achieve their hopes and dreams. The 1% isn’t any different from us, they’re just self motivated enough to think on their feet and come up with something that brings them whatever they want. It’s not all about the money, it’s about the freedom. I’m struggling to realize why the percentage of people that choose the route of a plain old day job is so high, like is there really that little of self motivation out there? Are they afraid of working for themselves? Or is everyone just brainwashed by societies norm…? I feel like it’s question number 3.

I mean, lots of people are hard workers, a lot harder of workers than me. They are just use to being told what to do instead of coming up with things to do for themselves.

The beauty of today’s day in age, as I said above: Technology is the future, and this is good news for us geeks. There are so many untapped markets out there in the internet world and computer science. I now see Facebook ads everyday promoting a successful business the advertiser created through the internet, and they want you to sign up for their program. I saw one today about some guy who built a 7 figure business in 2 years online, the guy has no education prior to high school, he was pale because he never went out and did anything, he called himself “a punk living in his parents basement before his business,” and he’s now a multi-millionaire that will never have to work another day in his life. Now I don’t know how he did it, but I do know that all of these opportunities whether it’s an affiliate program, an MLM or whatever it may be; you have to put in lots of hard work and dedication. make-money

The point I’m trying to make here however is if you take the amount of work this 7 figure earner in 2 years put in, and compare it to the amount of work a 40 hour a week roofer puts into his job, there isn’t much difference. Sure if you’re running a business you’re likely going to put about twice the amount of hours as a regular employee, but you do it on your own terms. He could have done what he did in 4 years instead of 2 and worked the same amount of hours as your average Joe. He was thinking on his feet, saw an opportunity and took action.

Now I’m not personally one to go build a 7 figure business, I’m not looking for something like that. I have learned a skill set however that has taught me that it’s totally feasible to work for yourself and not intimidating at all. You get what you put into it, plain and simple.

The reason I felt like this would be fitting for people following my blog is because I know people that are interested in the kind of stuff I post about, are like me:

  1. Afraid to get your hands dirty
  2. Don’t want to wake up and go outside before 9 am
  3. Don’t really want to talk to people, would rather sit at home on the computer 

And this is why 2016 is PERFECT for us! We get to make money through the internet, on our own terms.

So if I could give any advice to those that fit that description; start looking around, be open to trying new things online. You never know. You don’t have to do any of those things I listed to be successful, you just need to put in the work, which I know each and every one of you can do.

I didn’t sign up for any affiliate programs or anything like that personally, but I’ve marked down some I’ve seen my peers pursue and become successful. So if my post intrigued you at all, contact me and tell me a little bit about yourself, I can probably point you in a direction I think is fitting for you.

Now, I’m off to eat a ton of peanut butter and broccoli… Since I last posted I’ve been a little deprived of my favorite thing in the universe…


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