Month: February 2017

Hey! Remember me?

That strange girl- that really loves peanut butter, where has she been? I’m here to answer that folks. I’ve been changing my life up a bit lately. Not necessarily changing my current goals or hobbies, but more so expanding my horizon of knowledge, and trying new, hands-on things. I’ve learnt a whole lot about installing sprinklers and irrigation this month, working with a company called Irrigation Victoria.  Thank you Mr. Rob Clance! For all of your patience with me.

Yea… I know, probably kind of a dry subject that you guys don’t want to hear about. I must say however, learning the ins and outs on how to keep your garden beds, and overall landscape healthy is a fascinating topic. If anyone’s ever interested in how these kinds of things work, I say the best way to learn is to physically go do it. Hands-on learning is truly the most effective way to engrave something in your head.

this is a recent project we designed, cool eh? 

Water Features

These tie in with sprinkler systems. Who doesn’t want one of these on their property when your rich? Contact me and I’ll come build it for you 🙂

Actually, I couldn’t do it on my own- I don’t own the proper equipment necessary. Maybe one day I will, who knows. This is how you build custom water features:

  • Shape the area of your water feature in the ground, be sure to dig down to at least 3 feet if you have fish. (This part of the process can be a pain- as you are required to dig out any stone or plants.)
  • Add a couple inches of fill sand to the area you dug.
  • Lay water feature liner– which keeps your pond clean.
  • Add the stones- you want to cover the water feature liner with stones completely for aesthetic appeal, as well as plants around the edges to create a color contrast.
  • Add your fountain and water, and your done!

I made it sound easy didn’t I… It’s not. But the result is so rewarding it’s not even funny- knowing you built it.

So what was the point of this post? Honestly I just wanted to update my readers on where I’ve been. I know this stuff isn’t very geekery so we’ll get back on track next time. Hope you all have a good day!